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Yawto (Sing to Me)



Yawto pronounced Yaw - to (Sing to Me) is our male cub.  The cubs were born the first week in May 2004 and we rescued them from a breeder.  He was very ill when he came to the sanctuary on May 22, 2004. He had to go to the hospital and spend the night getting intravenous fluids.  We were very worried that he would not make it thru the night. We all prayed to the Great Creator to save this special baby and he did.  Yawto was smaller than his sisters but he has now outgrown them both.  He is very big and growing by leaps and bounds each day.  We think he will be as big as Wakinyan.  Yawto got his name because he loves to sing.  He wakes us each morning with his beautiful little howls.  The cubs have started eating red meat and Yawto is fierce around his meat.  He often jumps his sisters to get his share.  The cubs have a small compound that they spend the night in, during the day they visit Apache and Istas for wolf training.

Come visit Yawto soon to meet him as a cub. 

Yawto has been adopted by a loving visitor but he needs more parents to love and help him.  

Please adopt him to help us get a compound built for these precious cubs.  

You Can Adopt/Sponsor Yawto! 

Send a monthly donation of $10, $15, $20, $30, $50 or $100 via PAYPAL, check or money order.

Upon receipt of donation, you will receive:

Personalized Certificate of Adoption or Sponsorship

Biography of Yawto

Quarterly Newsletter 

An 8x10 color picture of Yawto

Mail the donation for Yawto to the address listed below with the sponsor's name, address
telephone number, and email address.


Sponsorships/Adoptions make great gifts!  

To give this as a gift, follow the directions to Sponsor/Adopt Yawto and add a note stating 

that this is a gift and the name of the person so the Certificate will list their name.


Payment by PAYPAL is now available!  

Go to - our payment address is:

In the comment section, please enter Yawto as the wolf you are adopting, 

the address to mail your adoption documents, telephone and email. 

If you choose this option please add 10% to cover PayPal fees.

Wolf Mountain Sanctuary
PO Box 385
Lucerne Valley, CA 92356

Rest assured, 100% of all donations go directly to the sanctuary and the wolves!




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Updated October 19, 2004, 2004.

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