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The Staff







February 22, 2013


We are sad to report that Segoni has walked the Rainbow Bridge earlier this afternoon.

Our loss is Tragic. Please refrain from contacting Tonya or the Sanctuary for a few days out of respect so we can mourn.

Segoni was our Alpha Male of the entire pack. He was 16 year old. His Spirit was strong but his earthly body was tired and old and his back legs became paralyzed a month ago. We kept him in comfort but it was not a good life for him any longer.

Please pray for Segoni tonight, pray for Tonya (her loss is so severe), pray for the staff and friends of WMS, and pray for the wolves that are mourning his loss.

Rejoice in the knowledge that Segoni is young again, his legs are strong and he can run again and be the Alpha of his pack mates Apache Moon, his brother Dakota, Durango, Sedona, Tamaka, Niosha, Mishomi, Gabrielle, Sweet Cheyenne, Little Takoda and many others that are in the Sky with him.

Be happy that he will look down and watch over all of us from the Sky. Be Happy that he will greet us all with the whole pack when our journey on Earth ends.

Thank you for your support during this tragic time.

We love you all.


May 21, 2012


Our little Ambassador is with the sky people.

We found out that Takoda had glass bones. His little bones kept breaking.

He took his last breath during a procedure to put a cast on. He did not wake from the anesthesia.

Tonya is devastated, she is not taking calls at this time. He slept with her and spent every minute with her.

She fought so hard to keep him alive and to get him healthy but God decided he needed him up in Heaven.

Please pray for him and everyone that loved him.


May 15, 2012

I regretfully have to let you all know that our sweet Mireya has passed.
 Cause unknown.
She was fine at 4:30pm and giving kisses to Momma Wolf.  When
 Stephanie went to feed at 6:00pm she found her dead with blood
coming from her nose.
She was fine at 4:30pm giving kisses to momma wolf and when Stephanie
 went to feed at 6:00pm, she was dead. Blood coming out of her nose. The
 sanctuary is being searched for a snake and her body is being examined
for bites. She will have a necropsy tomorrow.
The wolves are so sad, howling their death howl and the staff and
 Momma Wolf are devastated, she was 14 years old.
Please say a prayer for a safe passage for Mireya and a prayers for those that lost her.

April 2012


POW WOW May 5th and 6th, 2012

Our computer died, we need a brand new computer donated please.  We always get old used ones and for the high use these do not last.  This is tax deductible.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

As we have no computer please be patient with regard to receiving adoption packets and receipts, they will be seriously delayed.  Thanks.

March 13, 2012

April 20 - 22, 2012


Save the Date, more info will be posted at a later date.


February 22, 2012

We still owe over $2,000 to the vet, please help us and make a donation, any amount will help, Thanks!


February 15, 2012

Some news on our dear Istas! The tumor was not Cancer!!  It wasn't even a tumor. It was a bag of pus that led to a liver infection. He is on medicine, is eating, and loved seeing everyone at the Valentine's Day event.
Everyone at WMS is thrilled with this news, but will remain vigilant about his health. We are still stressing about all the medical expenses, however.

If you wish to make a donation, please visit
or call Lakeside Animal Hospital in Big Bear, CA at 909-866-2021 (ask for Trudy and tell her you wish to make a donation to the WMS-Istas account).

February 3, 2012



Istas is home and on a special diet, meds and has to be walked everyday, which will be fun as he is VERY strong lol.....Happy he is home and alive!

Istas needs a special diet due to his illness: 

Nature's Domain: Available at Costco Dry Food

ISTAS rushed to the Vet!!

He has the same symptoms he had the last time he was sick, vomiting, huge stomach, not going to the bathroom, etc.  He has Pancreatitiss and these are symptom caused by this. 

Please send strong healing prayers, they do work!!!  

We do not have funds to cover this emergency, PLEASE send donations asap.  

Any amount will help. $5, 10, 15, 20, 100.......

You can send to paypal::

or call the Vet Hospital and donate directly

(909) 866-2021

(please email us a note of your donation so we can send you a receipt if you

do it through the vet)

or send a check to:

WMS, POB 385, Lucerne Valley, CA  92356




Spend Valentine's Day (actually 2/11/12) with the wolves for the low low price of $75 (usual cost $150) INCLUDING lunch!

RSVP to Tonya or Stephanie at 760-248-7818 to make an appt so we will know how much food to provide.

Attendees should show up at 11:00am.

Food will be included - bring your own non-alcoholic beverages.

Photographers' onsite to take a special Valentine's Day photo with the wolves for $10. A high resolution digital image will be emailed to you for printing.

Please join us on this special day!!!

Appointments are required, please call DO NOT EMAIL.

Please attend and help WMS we really need this special fundraiser to be successful. Tell all your friends and contacts.

Regular one hour visits will also be available.

Thank you!

Come on ... wolf kisses for Valentine's Day?

January 15, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Finally back online after computer crash. 

Website will be updated over the next few days.

November 2, 2011

WMS has lost a beloved family member.

Christel Hunsaker ("MUM") joined the sky people.

Mum became a part of the pack many many years ago.  Danna brought a wonderful group of women to visit us, "The Wild Wolf Women of the Web" and Christel was among them. 

She belonged instantly and became our wise "MUM" loving and sharing her wonderful wisdom with us.  Even though she lived many hours away she visited often and talked to Tonya every Friday on the phone.  Yesterday was very hard for Tonya.  During her visits she loved to sit with the wolves in the quiet and just think.  She loved to sit on the porch with the hummingbirds flying around and read or journal.

The wolves were very special to Christel, she loved them so much and they loved her too.  She was the adoptive mom for many of them.

Please say a prayer for this wonderful woman and for Gary, her husband and Karen, her daughter. 

The loss to all who loved her and were loved by this gentle spirit is HUGE!

Rest in Peace MUM, you will always be in our hearts!




October 14, 2011

  Blue's had Severe Glaucoma and had to have his eye removed.   

His surgery was free due to a wonderful doctor donating her time, but the Big Bear facility charged $1000. Can you spare $5, $10, or more to the cause?


Call 760-248-7818 or visit http://www.wolfmountain.com/DONATE-2011.htmm for donation information. WMS would really really really appreciate it!!


Blue is doing great, he even smiles and wags his tail now!!!   

Come and visit him!!!




Please help us, any amount will help!!!!



Thank you so much from Tonya, The Staff, and most of all The Wolves!!!!!







October 12, 2011October 12, 2011


BLUE is getting his eye surgery today,

please pray for his safety and remarkable recovery...







November 5-6 2011



Join Pet Expo USA in 2011


Holiday Pet Expo at the Pomona Fairplexx
Building 7 – November 5-6, 2011Building 7 – November 5-6, 2011


The Fairplex
1101 W. McKinley Avenuee 
Pomonaa, CAA 917688


Saturday, November 5, 2011 at 10:00 AMM - 5:00 PM (PT))

Sunday, November 6, 2011 att 10:00 AMM - 5:00 PM (PT)



Pet adoptions, celebrities, animal communicators and amazing

animal entertainment! Music andd

family fun for the entire day!!

Start your holiday shopping with us for your pet... hundreds of pet gifts and products!Start your holiday shopping with us for your pet... hundreds of pet gifts and products!






The 36th Annual Gem, Mineral and Craft Show


Wednesday, September 28 at 9:00am - October 2 at 3:00pm

Sportsman's Club - 6225 Sunburst St Joshua Tree, CAA

Wolf Mountain Sanctuary will have a booth there..

Please stop by and support the wolves!!

The 36th Annual Gem, Mineral and Craft show, being put on at the  in Joshua Tree CA..

Opening at 9:00 AM each day. We have several Vendors with Gems, Minerals, Fossils, Rough and Polished Gems..

Activities for the kids. A Breakfast put on by the Fire Department, Auction and Dinner for all to enjoy..





Join WMS

at thee

Paws N' Claws Pet Fair on September 10, 2011


    August 10, 20111

Celebration of Lifee

(In memory of Mishomi)(In memory of Mishomi)





Date: August 27, 2011

Time: 11am - 4pmm

Donation:  $500

Please join us to celebrate and remember our beloved Mishomi..

This will be an all day event for family, friends and supporters of WMS..

Food will be provided..

PLEASE bring cold non alcoholic beverages for yourself.  You can bring an ice chest to keep them cold, drinks will not be provided..



July 30, 2011 (written by Stacy Westly))

In Loving Memory Of Mishomii
1998 - 20111
May He Rest In Peacee

At approximately 6 p.m. on July 30, 2011, our beloved Mishomi passed on to the Sky People.  His beautiful soul is now at peace and out of pain.


 It is heartbreaking to watch someone or something you love pass before you.  Yet, in this case, being next to Mishomi, touching his sweet face and whispering in his ears, made the heartache deeper and somehow easier.

We have known for a while that Mishomi was ill, but he always soldiered on.  After the unfortunate Pepperoni Incident on July 9, 2011 (a visitor (against WMS rules, gave him pepperoni which caused his stomach to bloat), Mishomi began a swift decline.  The vet discovered that Mishomi had cancer all the way through his alimentary canal and gastrointestinal tract.  He was in pain, and a lot of it.  The cancer was systemic.  There was nothing the vet or we could have done to prolong Mishomi’s life.  No prayer was going to magically make him well.  No medicine was going to make him well.  The tremendously difficult decision to ease his passing had to be made..

Mishomi was carried outside to a grassy area.  He laid there, allowing all of us to pet him.  We could see how labored his breathing was and the dimming of his spirit.  We knew.  He knew.  It still hurt every second of every minute of every hour we were there.  But we take solace that Mishomi was able to pass under the wide blue sky on cool sweet grass with a soft breeze to ease his way..

I was so blessed that, toward the end, Mishomi laid his head against my leg.  It was all I could do to keep giving him my love through my hands, letting him know that he was safe.  The sun sparkled off his white fur.  His toes twitched.  His eyes pleaded with us.  It was time..

Stephanie and I laid close to Mishomi’s head, stroking his muzzle and ears, telling him how much we love him, how we will miss him, how special he is, and how he will live in our hearts always.  When the vet finally administered the drugs, we could see his last breath, could feel the last warm exhalation through his majestic nose, and gaze in his wise amber eyes to see the flight of his spirit.  We whispered for his peace, for his soul, for his spirit, for his brothers and sisters who waited for him on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.  We asked him to greet us when it is our turn to travel … to show us the way..

Mishomi is now with Apache Moon, Gabriella, Niosha, Tamaka, Sedona, Durango, Dakota and Waylon.  He is with his pack..

We shall miss you, Mishomi.  The world is less bright tonight.  Many pillows will be damp from tears shed in your honor..

Namaste.  A-Ho.  Amen.  Until the morrow..

PS:  The song I repeatedly sang to Mishomi was “Your Long Journey.”  I am most familiar with the version sung by Alison Krauss and Robert Plant on their phenomenal album, Raising Sand.”  Here are the lyrics..

God’s given us years of happiness heree
Now we must partt
And as the angels come and call for youu
The pains of grief tug at my heartt

Oh my darlingg
My darlingg
My heart breaks as you take your long journeyy

Oh the days will be emptyy
The nights so long without you my lovee
And when god calls for you I’m left alonee
But we will meet in heaven abovee

Oh my darlingg
My darlingg
My heart breaks as you take your long journeyy

Fond memories I’ll keep of happy wayss
That on earth we trodd
And when I come we will walk hand in handd
As one in heaven in the family of godd

Oh my darlingg
My darlingg
My heart breaks as you take your long journeyy

Thanks to VCA-Lakeside to let everyone take the time to be with Mishomi during his passing..

In attendance:  Tonya, Bob, Stephanie, Amy, Alec, Rick, Donna, Stacy, Nellie, Gilbert, and Michaell

If you would like to make a donation to help with the medical fees for Mishomi::

June 27, 2011

An Angel from Pennsylvania donated $1800.00 to WMS!!!!  Thank you so much!!!!

Poles have been ordered for Mishomi/Mireya's compound!!

We still need::

  •  2 - 7' tall x 5' wide Gates    (these are $75 each))

  • We need to borrow or raise the funds to rent::

  • 3 Jack Hammers to break up existing concretee

  • Strong, healthy men to help do this....


If you are a contractor or have a business using a jack hammer or have access to fencing materials, we can write you a receipt for time spent doing this or for items donated

that you can use as a write off on your taxes.that you can use as a write off on your taxes.


May 28, 2011

* Urgent Need **

The Vet was out today and Mishomi is not doing well, he is aging and having some hip problems.  He needs to have a new compound built to make him more comfortable.  

Hamburger Meat for Mishomi, it is all he can digest..

The new compound will be shared with Mireya with an inner fence until we know they will interact well together.  Once they do, the inner fence will be removed and they will be together..

We need the following ASAP::

  • 70 - 12' - 2 7/8"- 3" Galvanized Steel Fence Poles (these are $25 each))

  •  2 - 7' tall x 5' wide Gates    (these are $75 each))

  • We need to borrow or raise the funds to rent::

  • 3 Jack Hammers to break up existing concretee

  • Strong, healthy men to help do this....Strong, healthy men to help do this....


If you are a contractor or have a business using a jack hammer or have access to fencing materials, we can write you a receipt for time spent doing this or for items donated

that you can use as a write off on your taxes.


PLEASE help us help MISHOMI!!!  He is old and needs to have a comfortable place to live out his life.


If you can volunteer to help, please call Tonya at 760-248-7818.


If you can donate towards this project, please do so via PayPay and put "Mishomi Project" in the info section.


You can also mail a check to:


Wolf Mountain Sanctuary

Post Office Box 3855

Lucerne Valley, CA - 923566

(Put "Mishomi Project" on the note line)


May 27, 2011

Look out for a new and updated website in the next few months!!! We are getting a stunning template and Danna and Stacy will be building it for WMS!!!!
Would like to throw out a big thank you to Stacy Westly for all the organizational work you are doing!!! It is a great help to WMS!!!

Check out our new Blog "Bliss of a Wolf Kiss" written byy

Stacy Westly!  Thanks Stacy!!

Wolf Mountain Sanctuary BLOG by Stacy Westlyy

April 16, 20111

Tonya and the staff and volunteers are having a great time at the Pet Expo and making lots of new friends and many people that stopped by the booth will be up to visit the wolves soon.  Woo Hoo!!

March 19, 20111

Wolf Mountain Sanctuary has experienced serious damage due to rain and wind.  The weekend   of March 19 and 20, 2011 saw 110 mph winds which uprooted trees, damaged fences and pulled the roof off of two buildings!  The wolves are fine, but we still need lots of help and items to put everything back together.  Any donations you can spare would be appreciated.  Please mail to POB 385, Lucerne Valley, CA  92356.  If you want to donate the items below, please call Tonya at 760-248-7818.  THANKS!    

Immediate Needs::< div style="text-align: center;" align="center">

  • Chain Saw - gas poweredd

  • Concrete mixerr

  • 42 4'x8' sheets of plywood (cannot be pressboard))

  • 50 12'x 3" galvanized fence postss

  • 2 x 4's, 2x 6's and 4 x 4'ss

  • Extra large Igloos for the wolvess

  • Generator - gas poweredd

  • Bags of concretee

  • Cash for welder servicess

  • Mobile home tie downs and cash for installers..



November 13, 20100

ISTAS rushed to the Vet!!

This afternoon Istas had to be rushed to the vet.  He had the same symptoms he had the last time he was sick, vomiting, huge stomach, not going to the bathroom, etc.  He got xrays and other tests and it was determined that he hass Pancreatitiss.  He was given 1.5 bottles of IV fluids and sent home with antibiotics.  Tonya has to give him another IV bottle tomorrow, good thing she knows how!  

Thank you for your prayers, they do work!!!  

Tonya had to use the meat money to pay the $2000 bill so PLEASE send    donations asap.  

Any amount will help. $5, 10, 15, 20, 100.......

You can send to paypal::

or send a check to::

WMS, POB 385, Lucerne Valley, CA  923566

March 20100

Tamaka's New Compound is finally built!!!!!

Come up to see him and Wanagi (his new girl) in their new home!!

They are VERY happy and loving the room they now have and each other!!!!

Page of the pics will be posted on soon.Page of the pics will be posted on soon.



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Updated February 22, 2013


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