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Please read the following campaigns to help other Wolves

Get involved and sign petitions, send emails and letters

All the wolves need our HELP!

April 7, 2008

Help the Red Wolves stay truly red.

Wolves are on on the endangered species list. Of all Wolves though the Red Wolf is the most critically faltering. The problem is not that they are low in number. The problem is Coyotes. The Red wolves began mating with Coyotes and not other Red Wolves. This is why most Red Wolves now are not pure Red wolves. Coyotes look a lot like Red Wolves so the Wolves must be tested to see if they are true Red Wolves or not. If we don't keep these pure Wolves in zoo or such and mate them the Red Wolf will disappear forever.  
Wolves are on on the endangered species list. Of all Wolves though the Red Wolf is the most critically faltering. The problem is not that they are low in number. The problem is Coyotes. The Red wolves began mating with Coyotes and not other Red Wolves. This is why most Red Wolves now are not pure Red wolves. Coyotes look a lot like Red Wolves so the Wolves must be tested to see if they are true Red Wolves or not. If we don't keep these pure Wolves in zoo or such and mate them the Red Wolf will disappear forever.  

We the undersigned, would like to express our opinion on Red Wolves. We would wish to show that we care. We think that pure Red Wolves should be keep in captivity and breed. These should be lead back into the wild so that the Red Wolf can live out.

signature goal: 1,000
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Thank you! You signed at 6:41 PM PDT, Apr 7, 2008


August 3, 2006

I have to sadly report that KEI has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and is now with the Sky People and Niosha, Gabrielle, Sweet Cheyenne and all the other animals in the sky.  KEI is no longer in pain and she is free to feel the earth under her feet and howl with her friends that she never had on this earth....

She passed on June 8, 2006 due to lack of strength from health issues.  At least that is what we were told.  The way the zoo treated her, who knows?

March 5, 2005

Keep hitting the petition and sending emails.  Kei's birthday is April 4, 2005.  Send her a real birthday card to let the zoo know that you love Kei and will not give up!!

Send card to:

Kei the Wolf
Kodomo no Kuni Zoo
5-7-1 Goya,
Okinawa City, Okinawa Pref.,


Start by signing this petition:

The Campaign to Bring Kei Home

Please help bring Kei, the sad wolf back home to The United States to spend her last years in the luxury of a wolf sanctuary.

Kei has been held like a prisoner on a concrete slab of just 7 x 5 metres, at the Okinawa Kodomo no Kuni Zoo in Okinawa, Japan for the whole 16 years of her life. She is a North American Timber Wolf that languishes in a zoo on the far side of the Pacific.

Please take a few minutes of your life to help this very sad and desperately bored wolf experience happiness and excitement for the first time in her life.

Thank you for your help.

Sam McCreesh - 28th November 2004.


(This is updated as the campaign progresses)
Please try to complete as many of the following actions as you can - thank you for your valued support.
1). Sign the petition by clicking here. Around 10,000 signatures are needed.
2). Please email Greg Leisure, who is running the campaign, and ask to be put onto the supporters list for email updates - click here to email him.

3). Please send the sample letter below (feel free to add or change things as you feel appropriate) to the director of the zoo at:

or by snail mail to the address below.

Genwa Higa, Zoo Director
Kodomo no Kuni
5-7-1 Goya Okinawa City Okinawa Pref.,

Dear Mr. Genwa Higa,

I am writing about the reports that I have read about the Okinawa Zoo and the way it is treating Kei, the North American Timber Wolf. Kei is a very sad and lonely wolf that longs to live the rest of her life in the peace and tranquillity of her natural habitat and deserves to be treated with this decency and respect.

However I hear that the Okinawa Kodomo no Kuni Zoo has kept her like a prisoner on a concrete slab of just 7 x 5 metres, for the whole of her life.

You owe Kei the decency and respect to allow her the freedom to spend her last years in the luxury of a wolf sanctuary in the United States. Taking this action will not only improve the reputation of the zoo and Okinawa area but also show that you as a person have a small amount of decency and are not totally inhuman and incapable of correctly interpreting and acting on her suffering.

I urge you to come to terms with your conscience and give the animals in your zoo the care and respect that they deserve and look forward to a positive reply.

Yours Sincerely,

E-Mail address:


4). Please send the sample letter below (feel free to add or change things as you feel appropriate) to the Okinawa Prefecture Tourism Office at:

or by snail mail to the address below.

Okinawa Prefecture Tourism and Culture Office
Mario Ginama, Executive Administrator
1-2-2 Izumizaki,
Naha City, Okinawa Japan

Dear Mario Ginama,

I am writing to inform you of the trip to Japan I have been planning over the last two years, when I intend to tour many different areas of Japan next year. As part of this trip I was planning to visit Okinawa however I was recently made aware of the horrendous conditions present in Okinawa’s zoo and their refusal to retire Kei the wolf to America, and so have decided not to include Okinawa in my trip after all.

Therefore the prefecture will not benefit from my tourist money as I feel my money would be better spent in other parts of Japan where there is a healthier respect for the treatment of animals. This decision is due to the appalling decisions made by the staff at the Kodomo no Kuni, particularly Yoshinobu Nishikawa, executive administrator, and Genwa Higa, zoo director.

I look forward to hearing of Kei's release, when I will be able to consider visiting Okinawa but for now I have no such plans and promise to boycott the area.

Yours Sincerely,

E-Mail address:


1). Please copy the banners at the top and middle of this page and attatch it to your emails and web pages, so that other people too can help to free Kei.

2). Also, have a look at Kei's lament here.

3). Visit Kei's page at the Canadian Voice for Animals

4). Visit the Okinawa Zoo Action Project website

5). Send more letters by email: visit Kei's Letter Writing Campaigns for instructions.

One day Kei will return home and her misery will be ended

Until then we campaigners will fight for her release - will you?

One thing's certain - we won't give up until things are mended

Please spare some time in your life to help Kei too

By Sam McCreesh - 2004

(This is updated as the campaign progresses)
We thought you may like to see some of the recent successes of Kei's campaign.
First Zoo Demonstration - Click here for full report and photos

Kei the Wolf's Stars and Stripes Story

Click here for the article that appeared in the Okinawa edition of the Pacific Stars and Stripes.

Formatting of Kei`s Campaign Pages Created by:
Sam McCreesh of Campaigning for Animals
See for more information
© Campaigning for Animals 2004 – 2005

Endorsed by Greg Leisure, Organizer of The Campaign to Bring Kei Home

The Arial shooting has now began in Alaska. And the Wolves are dying everyday. There is to be up to 900 (HUNDRED) killed this winter. This is an outrage!!! They need your help now. Please take a few minutes and go to my site above. It only cost a few dollars to show your support.

Under the aerial wolf control program, 147 wolves have been killed in the McGrath and Nelchina Basin areas in the 2003-2004 hunting season.

For the 2004-2005 hunting season, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game will expand its aerial war on wolves in moose-depressed areas this winter. Not only will hunters in airplanes be zeroing in on wolves in the Nelchina Basin and McGrath, as they did last year, but they will also be targeting wolves west of Cook Inlet near Anchorage and in the central Kuskokwim River region near Aniak.

The state is aiming to kill upwards of 900 wolves this winter in the four regions!

Hunters will be allowed to land and shoot or shoot from airplanes. The goal is to kill all the wolves in these areas. The program is designed to eliminate or greatly reduce wolf numbers in order to increase moose populations for sporthunters.

Please visit:
Save Alaska Wolves
Stop the Slaughter
Friends of Animals
Sign the petition here: The Petition Site
Another Petition here:The Petition Site

Email or write a letter to the Governor to ask him to stop this slaughter!
Governor Frank Murkowski
P.O. Box 110001
Juneau, AK 99811
Phone: (907) 465-3500
Fax: (907) 465-3532

UPDATE! December 21, 2004
Aerial wolf hunters claimed their first kills (4 wolves) of the season the week of November 27, 2004 as officials renewed wolf control efforts.

UPDATE from Defenders of Wildlife:
Stop the State of Alaska From Misinforming the Public About the Aerial Slaughter of Alaska's Wolves.
To help end the aerial killing of Alaska's wolves, Defenders asked their members and supporters to contact Alaska Governor Frank Murkowski by calling the public opinion line at (907) 465-3500. Many of you called and reported that the state has recorded the following message outlining its position on wolf control:

Thank you for sharing your views on wolves and wildlife management in Alaska. We appreciate your interest. All wolf management programs in our state are designed to sustain healthy wolf populations forever. There are approximately 12,000 wolves in our state. Wolf control occurs in just four relatively small areas, where the wolf populations are simply too large. This winter about 450 wolves will be taken in the wolf control program. This effort will help restore moose populations in those areas so that families that live there can harvest that food because they depend on moose through the winter. For more information see the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) website and click on the Division of Wildlife Conservation link. You are welcome to leave a message for Governor Murkowski after the beep.

Defenders believes that this recording contains a number of false statements. Please help counteract this dissemination of misinformation by contacting the Governor. Here are some talking points:

*Wolf populations in the approved control areas are being reduced between 80-100 percent.

*Alaska's estimated wolf populations are between 7,700 and 11,100 but these figures are based on anecdotal information from trappers and hunters.

*Wolf control has been approved for nearly 60,000 square miles of Alaska where 900 wolves are slated to be killed. In addition to the aerial killing programs, up to 1,700 wolves are harvested each year through hunting and trapping.

*ADF&G's own data shows that between 60-85 percent of moose harvested in most of these areas is done by urban or out-of-state hunters, not locals.

For more information, please read Defenders op-ed at:, which was printed in Alaska's three major newspapers: The Anchorage Daily News, The Fairbanks News-Miner and the Juneau Empire.

What You Can Do:
Watch a new video, produced by Defenders, depicting an actual aerial wolf hunt in Alaska. The video is available online at

If you have not already signed the petition, please visit Currently there are 145,000 signatures, but 200,000 signatures are wanted by December 25.

The state is misleading citizens when it claims it needs to rebuild moose and caribou populations to provide food for Alaskans. The records show this is untrue. Governor Murkowski only wants the money to come in. He isn’t interested in the people. I will keep asking you to please donate as much as you can they need us. This is a very critical issue that need attention Now. And we can help.

Imagine putting yourself in their place. Scary isn’t it. No where to hide, tired of running, And no place to go. Then your so tired that you stop to catch your breath and then it is over. What a horrible way to die. Having some Coward chase you till you drop from exhaustion and then shoot you from the air. If they were men they would be face to face with them not 200 feet up in the air. So please show your support today and lets show them that we together will fight as one. Give them that chance to live on. If we don’t we may lose them one day forever.

 Please take a moment to send an email to the major news networks urging them to cover the planned killing of 900 wolves in Alaska. We need to generate as many emails as possible to get their attention. Thank you.

National Network News Links:
ABC News: Subject: World News Tonight
CBS News: Go to and click on contact us to use their Feedback Form.
CNN: Go to and click on contact us to use their feedback form.
FOX News Channel:
NBC News:

Another simple thing to do is to send Gov. Murkowski a post card and let him know that you are against the Wolf Control Program. We need your Support.

Please take a moment to sign Friends of Animals' Howl-in postcard. Signing this postcard pledges to Alaska's governor Frank Murkowski that you will boycott travel to Alaska until his administration's wolf "control" program is canceled. Friends of Animals has setup an easy to use online form. All you need to do is simply type in your name and address. Friends of Animals will print and mail the postcard to Alaska's governor Frank Murkowski in your name. Your information will only be used for this propose.

Thank you for your support!


Help the Wolves in Canada!


Visit: Canadian Wolves to see what you can do to help!

The BC government has been sterilizing wolves in the Northern Rockies’ Muskwa-Kechika Management Area. This is part of a hunter-funded experiment to increase ungulates in the Turnagain River valley - a move designed to generate more big-game animals for sport hunters. Controlling wolf populations by killing or sterilizing individuals is neither an effective measure in decreasing numbers over the long term nor a socially acceptable practice in today's world.

(story from





Updated May 19, 2008


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